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We are a bespoke systems development firm assisting businesses from all around the world prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our engineers work to integrate cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies into our solutions to solve existing problems and future-proof systems against potential future weaknesses.

In order to offer our clients the maximum benefit of these technologies, Marzex Technologies works closely with project stakeholders in flexible and and high value output R&D strategies.

Innovation is in our blood.

CEO Director of Finance Director of PR Lead Engineer

Our core team

PR Finance Core Team
Marzouq Abedur Rahman

Marzouq is the go-to guy when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data. He lives to drive innovation in these fields. Feel free to bounce off ideas or take a look into the future with him! He has previously worked with University Malaya on Neural Networks to develop assistive systems for Alzheimer patients. Marzouq is the author of "How to train your Python", a programming textbook that was ranked the best data structure book of all time by BookAuthority, the world's leading site for nonfiction book recommendations.

CEO Core Team Lead Engineer
Syed Ahmad Alsagoff

With an engineer's mind and an accountant's heart, Syed handles our company finances with a scientific flair. He's your man when it comes to finances. He has previously worked as a Financial Analyst consultant for ICEF, a German B2B networking company.

CEO Core Team Lead Engineer
Afiq Zawawi

Afiq enjoys engaging with our clients and creating valuable and beneficial partnerships. A master at problem solving, you can always talk to Afiq if you have a problem that needs solving.

Core Team Finance PR and
Irfan Noraimi

Our neighbourhood programming wiz. Irfan has led multiple project developments with extremely high time to value outputs. Our clients love him! With his mastery over UI/UX development, he manages to bring AI and Blockchain solutions to life. Irfan is also a fan of competitive programming and has earned himself many medals in the field.

Lead Engineer

our team of talented engineers

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App development

Aritificially Intelligent Systems

Blockchain Systems

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Case Studies


Sentiment Analysis for Stock and Cryptocurrency Trading

Marzex Technologies provided robust and instantaneous sentiment analysis on tickers to thousands of users all around the world. Our team achieved this by developing bots which would constantly scrape news sources, social media platforms and online forums and running them through our sentiment analysis algorithms. By doing so, our users were directed to the most important signals in the market the moment they happened.

App Development

Simplifying progress tracking and promoting collaborative project management

Marzex Technologies developed Mywo, an application that enables firms to share project updates and progress with their clients in a simple and straightforward manner. It also made it simple for team members to collaborate and visualize progress with one another in a seamless and effective manner.


Establishing trust in online elections with Blockchain Technology

Voters from associations and institutions of all age groups have had a high level of trust in the election platforms hosted and developed by Marzex Technologies. This was done by embedding permissioned blockchain technology in the balloting and identity management processes. The stability and security of blockchain technology paired with our incredible user experience designs ensured elections were smooth, secure and trusted.


Secure and verifiable data traceability with Blockchain Technology

Marzex Technologies has developed a mobile application that powers the Sustainable Social Banking initiative at a leading international university in Malaysia. The application introduces time-banking solutions to Malaysia. It allows users to directly trade time tokens with each other in return for trusted and verifiable services e.g., time tokens collected from 2 hours of volunteering can be traded for 1 hour of plumbing service. Blockchain technology ensures users' data were tamper proof and that all transactions are accounted for and traceable


Data-based policy making with Artificial Intelligence

Marzex Technologies is capable of providing key insights to drive forward looking policy initiatives and resolve legacy policy challenges. We can provide solutions to public sector issues ranging from addressing poor traffic management to curbing dengue outbreak by providing smart sustainable solutions for large scale resource management, automating national financial governance, improving mission-critical capabilities, and predicting economic impacts through the use of scalable, high-performance computation and artificial intelligence.

Data Analytics

Data analytics and behavior prediction using machine learning

Marzex Technologies has helped organizations from cross-cutting industries including HR, education, sales & marketing, and manufacturing from Malaysia augment future trends and statistics by applying advanced data analytics methods on historical data. This has helped our clients anticipate their customer's behavior and prepare for it.

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